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Message from the Founder

Since the creation of our law firm forty years ago, its fundamental objective has always been to work with professionalism and integrity: we exert every effort in order to honor the mission entrusted to us by our clients, best serve their interests, provide them with the appropriate advice and handle their cases with dedication and loyalty.

With the expansion of our portfolio, and in order to meet the ever growing requirements of our profession and the diversification of the business world, I gathered a team of colleagues and employees I am deeply proud of and who share my professional beliefs and values. Our practice areas include all legal fields and we specialize in contracts and corporate law as well as in civil, commercial and real estate litigation and arbitration.

We have acquired an esteemed stature in Lebanon and work alongside correspondents abroad. We look forward to a greater expansion in the future.

In our new premises, we wanted to remain loyal to our profession, by honoring it in terms of innovation and progress.

Last but not least, I cannot but express my gratitude to God, my team and everyone who contributed and keep contributing to my professional career.

Youssef G. TOHME