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Tohme Law Firm (“The Firm”) is a top-tier boutique lawFrm in Beirut, Lebanon, providing a broad range of advice and high quality legal services tailored to both businesses and individuals.

The Firm was founded by Youssef Georges Tohme in 1979 and grew in size and scope over the years. The Firm comprises today a team of specialised lawyers with more than 90 years of combined experience in legal practice and conflict resolution.

The Firm has built its reputation as an expert in corporate and commercial related legal services. The Firm also specializes in construction and property development, dispute resolution as well as criminal and tax law.

70% of The Firm’s clients are leading companies operating in various sectors in Lebanon and abroad (notably F.M.C.G, clothing, pharmaceuticals, real estate, printing and publishing, hospitality, banking, industrial, distribution) and 30% of the portfolio is comprised of high net worth individuals.

The Firm deals with correspondents in more than 20 countries across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and America regions.

Tohme Law Firm continuously strives to offer a personalized legal service and a bespoke customer experience. The Firm relies on its successful track record, reputation, dedication and integrity to serve its clientele and the legal industry.