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  • Middle East Investment Summit 2016 - Dubai

    September 2016

    The Middle East Investment Summit Conference took place in May 2016 at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Financial Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    The conference covered areas like the region’s sovereign wealth funds, pension... Learn More

  • Interlaw International Network of Independent Law Firms

    April 2016

    For nearly thirty-five years, Interlaw has been the preferred international network of reliable and quality-monitored independent law firms. It comprises high-end law firms in different fields notably corporate, commercial, real estate,... Learn More

  • Iba Annual International Wealth Transfer Practices - London

    March 2016

    In March 2016, in order to keep updated in all matters related to international wealth management, one of its core services, Tohme Law Firm has attended the 21st IBA Annual International Wealth Transfer Practices in London.
    The sessions... Learn More