Internship Program 2022

Tohme Law Firm is delighted to have welcomed to its Summer Internship Program 2022 Ali Safieddine, Lea MallahElissa Bou NaderIsabel Cerrada PedrosaLynn Zahr and Maria Haddad.

Each of the interns was given the chance to conduct legal research and readings based on their field of interest, notably in commercial law, laborrent and anti-corruption law. They also assisted our team of lawyers on their matters and cases, and accompanied them to courts and field visits.

Upon the end of the program, the interns submitted a common project on the subject of trust and estate planning in Lebanon.
Additionally, each intern submitted and discussed an internship report with our managing partner Carine Tohme

TLF team would like to express its satisfaction for the outcome of the Summer Internship Program 2022 and to wish you all the best in your future endeavors!