Summer Internship and Mock Trial

Tohme Law Firm is delighted to have organised and hosted an insightful Mock Trial Event, wherein the Summer Interns collaborated with the firm's lawyers to construct teams and engage in a compelling legal debate around the topic of insanity in criminal law, inspired from Webdale vs. Goldstein’s criminal case.

This engaging and educational experience provided interns with an immersive introduction to litigation. The distinguished "Judicial Panel" presiding over the Mock Trial consisted of Me Carine Tohme, Me Toufic Soudayha, and PhD. Diane Khair resulting in a remarkable learning opportunity for all the team.

The 2023 summer team: Me Vanessa Mia Bejani, Me Nour Abi Rashed, Me Nour Younes, Pia Sfeir, Sara Luna Abou El Mona, Yara Abou Atmeh, and Gabriel Alía Chicharro